My collection

The website Photography for collectors features photographs that are for sale or have been sold from my collection. Only a small part of my stock is shown here but it gives a good impression of what I collect, sell and buy.

I have been collecting photographs for over 10 years now. Every time I get excited by new finds. It triggers me to dig up information and "study" a subject that was unknown to me until the photo pointed it out to me.

I hope to share my love for vintage and antique photography with you.

Of course I'm interested if you have photos for sale.
I can advise you on building your collection and I will be happy to value your vintage photographs.

Yours sincerely,

Philip van Schaik


While my only shop is online we can meet in Haarlem if you would like to view items from my collection.
On the homepage there is an overview of fairs where I will be selling, hopefully we can meet there.

pleased to meet you

All rights of the 20th century photos are on rightful owners.