On these two photos from around 1900 a division in Chinese society is visible. On the one hand the girls in European clothing. On the other hand the conservative “rebel” or ” revolutionist” fighting agains the Western influences and the changes in Chinese society.  If you find this all interesting; check the internet for “boxer revolution”.

In my opinion the picture of the girls in European clothing (one in drag !) tells the whole story why the man in the other photo became a rebel/revolutionair (if he really is and not just a figurant in a studio portrait).

I would like to know what the text on his hat and the text in the background mean. If any of you knows this, please let me know.

Chinese photography is quite rare and very collectable. These two photos are sold to a collector in Europe.

Original photographs from around 1900
•    by: unknown photographer
•    condition: very good, sharp and rich of tone and detail
•    dimension photo Boxer: 10 x 14 cm
•    dimension photo Girls: 8 x 11,8 cm
•    both mounted, dimension mount: 12,8 x 16,3 cm
•    verso :blanco
•    titles in ink written in Dutch on the mount